Thursday, December 10, 2009

Halley Miranda needs someone to tell her that her kids are yelling, screaming and fighting all the time because they are kids and still learning and not because they learned to be angry from her.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Posts/ Peru

I haven't posted in a while, mostly because of time, but also because I always think oh I should do a post about this, but then when I am logged on, nothing. So oh well. I am very excited about Peru, can't wait. But then I am also nervous, traveling with my kids without Christopher, plus I will be there a few days without him, with his fam. Also I am feeling very not ready, mostly because I am not ready, haven't finished packing, but have started, also don't have everything done for the primary I need to do. Plus this is a busy time of year and the days fly by and the weekends even more. My house is not how I want it to be, organized and clean. The cleaning part won't take long, but I want it to look amazing before I go. I have a lot to do, plus I am nervous about the beach. I don't have an awesome swim suit and I am planing to buy one there, but I am very white, add to that I have stretch marks all down my legs, not a good combo. Anyway, I just can't wait until we go, then I will have everything ready and I at least wont have to sorry about that part. I do have some fun things coming up the next few weeks before we go that will help me pass the time, so that is good.