Thursday, December 10, 2009

Halley Miranda needs someone to tell her that her kids are yelling, screaming and fighting all the time because they are kids and still learning and not because they learned to be angry from her.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Posts/ Peru

I haven't posted in a while, mostly because of time, but also because I always think oh I should do a post about this, but then when I am logged on, nothing. So oh well. I am very excited about Peru, can't wait. But then I am also nervous, traveling with my kids without Christopher, plus I will be there a few days without him, with his fam. Also I am feeling very not ready, mostly because I am not ready, haven't finished packing, but have started, also don't have everything done for the primary I need to do. Plus this is a busy time of year and the days fly by and the weekends even more. My house is not how I want it to be, organized and clean. The cleaning part won't take long, but I want it to look amazing before I go. I have a lot to do, plus I am nervous about the beach. I don't have an awesome swim suit and I am planing to buy one there, but I am very white, add to that I have stretch marks all down my legs, not a good combo. Anyway, I just can't wait until we go, then I will have everything ready and I at least wont have to sorry about that part. I do have some fun things coming up the next few weeks before we go that will help me pass the time, so that is good.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Just wanted to type about how thankful I am for all my blessing. First for life, everyday I have here on Earth is an amazing blessing and sometimes it is easy to forget how fragile that life is. No one likes to think about it, but really at any moment any day we could leave this Earth. So I am thankful to still be here, to still have time to be with the ones I love, time to work on the things in my life that aren't how they should be. I am also very thankful for my family, both my little family, and my extended family. Thankful i have been blessed with my two amazing kids, and thankful I met Christopher and we were able to get married in the temple. Thankful for health, mine, my families, my friends. I am thankful, although I don't like to admit it, for those hard times, the ones you don't think you can make it through. Only because after I can see myself growing, being closer to the person I want to be.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

how do I feel when my little boy prays, please help mommy not to be mad. I mean if he doesn't listen then yes I am going to be mad, but I don't need to lose my temper. I need to work on showing him my love, even when I am mad.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


I must admit I like cleaning. I mean I don't really like doing it but I don't mind either and then when I am done I love that feeling. It feels good so see what ever it is that you have cleaned, plus it makes me feel like I can relax. I also have noticed I really like to have things clean. I don't really care if yo don't clean your house, but I love having mine clean. I honestly don't mind when I go to other people's homes that are not clean, and they aways say sorry about the mess. Well, it doesn't bother me, I don't live there, I just came to visit. I can go home and relax on my couch and look at my clean hose, so no other people's messy houses don't bother me at all. In fact it just makes that person seem more human in my eyes. I have this thing, which I am realizing more people then I thought to do, where I always see the best in strangers, and the worst in myself and my family. It is a habit I need to get out of. It is good to see the best in others, but I should also look for the best in myself and my family. That is it for now. :-)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I am back!

It worked today, I turned the day around by getting off my butt and getting outside. It was a little cold, but I raked the leaves while my kids ate snow using big leaves as plates. Who knows next they may be eating sand out of a sandbox, at least I know they will survive that! ;-) But I did get a lot done and I am feeling better, it is amazing what a little hard work and a little fresh air will do for you. And I had a moment with my kids I will never forget, at least not for a while. Daniel loves to run around the circle by my house, so he was going to and Elena wanted to go with him. So I told him she could if he would show her what to do and stay with her. So he says, you go like this Elena and starts running but crazy like, I think he is pretending he is a rocket or car. Anyway she starts to run like him, adorable, but then she turns around after a bit and waves at me with the biggest smile ever. Then every so often Daniel stops to wait for her and when she catches up to him she turns and waves. It was so cute, I think she was excited to have that much freedom, she seemed proud of herself for doing it.

one of those days.....

Today I am having one of those days. It isn't a bad day, but nothing is quite working out how I planned, or at all. It is okay though, I had a nice big juicy burger with a coke, and now things are looking better. i would have gone for some chocolate, but I feel something coming on so I will hold off on that. I need to get up and moving, to get going, and off the computer. I am finding I am really good at planning and also really good at doing, but not so good at both at the same time. I suppose I am back to where I was before, I need to cut out the un/less important things in my life. The first thing is going to have to be less computer time and less T.V, not that I watch a ton, but sometimes I do in the evening after the kids have gone to bed, I am home alone and I turn it on and before I know it 2 hours have gone by. Now relaxing is good, but only a little at a time. So here I go off to make it happen.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Okay so Christopher and I went and saw 2012, the movie.  it was good, a little long, and some parts were a bit cheesy, but overall it was good.  Now the question is is the world really going to end on 12-21-12, I really don't think so.  Well, I know it isn't, but what I can't see is how people believe it is going to.  Also I can't understand why people would kill themselves if they thought the world was going to end.  Okay so say I do think it will end in 2012, wouldn't I want to do everything I can now, have fun, enjoy my life, and then, maybe once it starts happening, then go jump off a building, or whatever.  I don't see the logic in doing it now.  What if you are wrong.  This one guy, a professor or something, says he has enough money to live until dec 12, 2012 so he quit his job and is going to spend the time traveling to see the world and try to find the safest place to be.  If the whole world is ending, then how can there be a safest place.  Who knows, I just thought I you give you all my two cents, do with it what you want.  :-)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Feel your feelings

I really don't like that I feel my feeling very fast. Here is what I mean, I can go from feeling so happy everything is great, to feeling alone, in just a few minutes. The only good thing about feeling my feelings fast is that I am also ready to forgive fast. If I get upset I can calm myself down and be ready to talk about it and forgive the other person in a few minutes. The bummer about this is my husband is slow, well, HE isn't slow :-), he just likes to take time to think things over in his head, a lot of time. Which is fine, we have just worked it out. The thing that bothers me about how fast I feel my feelings is that I can be feeling so great, so happy, then before I know it, BAM, I am not anymore. I think thinking too much is my problem. I stinking brain always is working. Hence the reason I can't fall asleep. And that is when it happens, I will be laying in bed feeling great, then I start to think, and my mood changes, I am thinking about all I have to do and all of the sudden I am feeling stressed, really stressed, so much so that I want to get up and start doing things. Then I convince myself I am a dork, and instead of being so stressed about all I have to do, I should be grateful for all I have. And the thinking starts again, and before you know it I am brought to tears by the joy I feel. It is insane, but then again so am . :-) Those are the thoughts for today.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Other people's kids....

I am amazed at how much I can love other people's kids. I love my own, but that comes with the title mom, but somehow with some kids, most kids I just have a natural love for them. I know it isn't a bad thing, but I just can't understand it. And sometimes I just feel very close to some kids, closer then others I know just as well. I don't know I just love kids. That being said, I am not sure how many I am going to have, but I know I wouldn't mind working with other people kids after I am done having my own. I guess that is why I was called to the Primary, uh, who would have known? :-)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

somethings gotta give....

I just blah, can't get things done, can't catch up, can't do it all. Something has to give..... the question is what? I feel like everything I do is either something I need to do or something I just want to do, but helps me not get overwhelmed and go crazy. Humm...... there has to be a better way for me to run my life, the way I am doing it now isn't working. If one little thing doesn't go as planned it throws everything else in my life off, and lets face it things don't go as planned all the time. What to do? What to do? I will have to ponder that as I finish vacuuming and feed the kids dinner, and think about how I am even going to be able to do everything I need to this week for Primary and my kids b-day, way too much to do and way too little time.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I have stuff I should be doing right now, but either I can't do them, or I am not remembering them. humm.... maybe I should be content with relaxing. I think I like doing stuff so much I just do all the time until it gets to be too much, maybe I should take little breaks when I can. Like right now while my kids are sleeping. of course now that I write that they are going to wake up, but oh well. I had something I was going to post about, but I can't seem to focus. I think the thing is I create things that I need/want to do, and then I don't get the other stuff done that I should be doing. Humm, I think I need to figure this out more. I am going to try to take nap.

Monday, November 9, 2009

H1N1- Swine Flu

The lady on the T.V, she works at the U of U health center. She says the students need to go to the doctor because they most likely have swine flu if they have any of these symptoms: sore throat, fever of more then 100, and/or coughing. Okay according to her I had the swine flu already this season, and so did Daniel. Whatever, they gave out 6000 tickets for the shot in 2 hours. What's wrong with people? Okay I am off my soap box now. Love to hear what you people think......

Friday, November 6, 2009

Simle is best!

I need to learn to simplify my life. I always do more then is needed. Which would be fine, but not when it takes more time and energy from me, which I don't have. So starting with my kids birthday I am going to simplify, no I am not changing the time or the date, no worries. It is still going to be really cool, but as I plan and get stuff I need to think what if it is really going to make it any funner for my kids. For example, I have trying to get little stuffed animals for them to rescue and then take home. Would it be any less fun to have them rescue a baby monkey and just use a pinata, I know they have one at Zurchers, and then they get to break it open and take the candy home. plus I would save money by not buying 25 little animals, since I was already going to buy a pinata. Perfect. So now I am off to plan the rest of the party, while thinking "simple, simple, simple," over and over again in my head. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I love it! I know call me crazy, but I do. I enjoy Zumba and that is well, basically because I am just dancing having a good time. But I also like running, it makes me feel good. I feel accomplished after a good run, powerful, strong. And today I went to the Zumba class at the gym and stayed after for weights. WOW! My arms hurt while I am typing this. She does heavy weights, lots of reps. I only used 8 pounds on each side and we only did 30 minutes. She worked my legs, arms, abs, butt, pretty much my whole body. It was awesome. And I realized I like that too, so it is safe to say I like working out in general. The thing is I don't watch what eat at all. And I don't mind if I don't lose any weight, I would like to lose 5 pounds, be back to my
pre-baby weight, but if I don't, then I don't. The thing I do want is to tone my body. So the question is can I do that without going all out and not eating sugars, and counting my calories? Anyone?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Fear is a stupid emotion. Fear leads to irrational behavior. For example I see I Spider running across the table, what do I do, jump up and freak out, even if it is little. Is that rational? No, what are the chances of it killing me, not huge, what are the chances of it even biting me, also not huge, it is scared of me too, and should be because I am huge, compared to it, and am going to squish it. So why do I jump up and freak out? Fear also leads us to do other irrational things, what do you do if you are scared of hurting someones feelings? Or scared to let them down? I very much dislike fear. What is the opposite of fear? Jaded people would say it is innocence. Like someone who knows the reality of having a tragedy happen in their life. They no longer think it wont happen to them. And they usually think that if you aren't afraid of it happening to you, well, that is because you are too innocent. But we really can't walk around being afraid of everything, but not protecting ourselves at all is also stupid. So where do we stand? How are we to know the truth? Where is the line between protecting yourself and living in a bubble. We can't be experts in everything. My only conclusion is that we do need to educate ourselves as best we can, spend more time on learning and less time wasted on other less important activities. And that as we do that we need to pray. we need to worship our Father in Heaven daily, in order to have his spirit. We need to be in tune to it, in order to hear and understand it. With the most education we can have and with the power of the Holy Ghost we will be able to make good choices for ourselves and our family.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


I love when after the weekend is over I feel relaxed and ready for the week ahead. This was not one of those, but the extra hour helped, it felt later then it was tonight at about 7 so I realized I had a bit of time on my hands and got some stuff done. Now I need to work on not over scheduling myself or my family during these next few months which will be crazy for me. So just know if you are having some type of get together we might not come. If I over do it then I just end up canceling on people and/or doing more then I can handle and dropping the ball, or lots of them, and/or going to too many things and not considering the effects on me and my kids. We need some down time, and that is what is hard for us, or should I say me. Anyway this weekend was nice, but I am glad it is over. I have my work cut out for me. I always like to do big things for my kids b-day and it is coming up. So here I go off to plan their party, wish me luck and all of that.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Feeling better!

Yay! We are slowly getting better! One little step at a time! I am so excited. I am still a little sick, just a little cough, but finally able to do things, Daniel is also feeling better, still with a littel cough, but better then yesterday!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Being sick sucks!

Can we just get over it already? If I knew it were nothing to worry about, I would just go on being sick and not mind, we are feeling better but still coughing. Will it go away. Even if we are not contagious no one wants to be by you when you are hacking up a lung. Plus I don't even really know if we are or not, if we are fine, but I would like to know. I just hope we stop coughing soon, Halloween is this weekend. Tomorrow I have a Scout Conference to go to, Daniel's school is having their dress up day, then Thursday is the Trunk or treat at my ward, Friday we have a family party for the kids, and Saturday we have two Halloween parties, one during the day for the kids and one at night for us, after taking my kids to trick or treat for a few houses. none of this stuff is stuff I can just do another weekend, buggy, like I said in my previous post I hate missing things. We need to get better, now!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Warning: very negitive post, do not read if you are in a good mood.

I am not a home body, or maybe I used to be, who knows. Here I sit sick, blah, my kids are starting to feel better, it seems, now I feel like I got hit by a truck. Tomorrow I am speaking in sacrament..... I have a meeting in the morning at 7:30. How can I run a primary when I can't run my house. I washed Daniel's bedding, well, Christopher did, Elena's is next, I started lysoling the toys and house, but didn't get far, I want to do things. I am not someone who can sit around and do nothing, I am a busy body, I am feeling so negitive, and I don't like it. I don't like dropping the ball, if I say I am going to do something and then don't, I not no one likes it, but it really bugs me. Also I like to go to everything I get invited to, it sounds stupid, but I always want to go, I feel like I will miss something if I don't go. But then when I do I let my kids and family down, I get over booked and have to let peple down and back out of stuff, and it bugs. Anyway, this post is a downer but that is how I feel right now, the good news is, tonight after I put my kids to bed, I am going to relax with a friend and get some good conversating in, maybe watch a girl movie, and basically do nothing, but not by myself, gotta love friends.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I'm offically, even though I am not offically, a Fallick.

Here is why, right now I am making dough dabs for the first time with home made beef stew, sadly to say, also for the first time. I haven't tasted either yet, they are still cooking, although the stew looks like the brooth should be thicker and there should be more of it, but we will see. I will let you all know how they turn out. And I do ahve a ton, so if you aren't scared of my sick kids, you should come over and have some. :-)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

getting stuff done.

It is amazing how some day I try to get soo much done, and even if i do get stuff done, I don't feel like I have gotten much done, but then other days I don't plan to do much and I get a ton done and it is easy. The best are days when you plan to get sutff done and you do and it is easy. but today was a day I didn't plan to get much done, but I did. I cleaned up and organized my down-down stairs and it looks way better. Still have a little more to do, but wow, I have been putting this forever and it didn't take too long. So yay!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Stop and smell the roses....

or your little one as you put them to bed. I was hurrying to get the kids baths, pj's and into bed. Elena is sick and has been acting like, well, a bum, anyway I put her in bed and give her a hug and a kiss, she then reaches out her arm and pulls my head down to rest on her. I lay there and she strokes my head, while either talking or singing something. I say okay good night and lift my head, she pushes it back down, again with the stroking. I don't know if you have ever had a two year old stroke your head, but it was beyond description. I don't have the words to say how it made me feel. I love her and I am soooo grateful for this little moment we got to share, for this little reminder to slow down and enjoy the journey. I can't describe to you the love I felt for her and for my Heavenly Father, and FROM my Heavenly Father. I am blessed to have both my kids in my life and I love them. And this was one of those moments I will hold on to forever. :-)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

mean what you say and say what you mean.

Both are hard for me when it comes to my kids. I often get angry and say things without thinking then right after I have said them I realize I didn't mean it. Not rude things, things like, Daniel if you don't _____ then you can't _______. Which is fine if he does what he is supposed to, but I shouldn't say it if I don't mean it. So sometimes I don't mean what I say and often times I don't say what I mean. Am I making sense to anyone but myself? No one knows. Anyway, I am working on pausing for a moment and thinking about what I want to say with Daniel. I can always follow through on what I say, because I know the importance of that, but it is saying what I want where I have a problem. So that is going to be something I am working on. Let's see how it goes.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Your actions effect others mmore then you know.

Today I don't have much time, but wanted to write about how our actions effect others. They really do more then we know, both for good and for bad. And if we pass on good feelings to others, they pass those on with whoever they come in contact with. So I guess the moral of the story is that I am trying to control my emotions. What I want to say isn't really coming out right, but anyway, right now I am trying to think before I act or talk about how what I am going to do or say will effect others. Mostly what I say, sometimes I say things without even thinking and don't even really mean them, they just come out and sound negative. So that is what I am working on now. That and getting my house in order, I like things clean and in order I think better when they are that way. And for the most part my house is, but when I go down-down stairs where my storage is, it gives me anxiety. So I am off to work on that area. Here I go.....

Saturday, October 10, 2009


I have been thinking about this a lot lately, my own and others, and how we handle all the different responsibilities we have. It is wise to not take on more then you can handle, and helpful to those who are working with you because if you do take on more then you can handle, inevitably you wont be able to do it all, and those who work with you will have to pick up the slack. If you only take what you can handle, others will have to do the rest, but they will know what things need to be taken care of, instead of thinking you have it under control and finding out last minute it needs to be done. Also I think sometimes we take on more then we can thinking to prove something, but it hurts others when we do this, because ultimately we drop the ball. Some people look at others and say wow, look at all she can do and I can barely do.... (whatever). But I don't envy those who can do it all, well no one can, so I should say those who try to do it all. They are neglecting something, or someone, in their life. I know it is hard to balance life, I struggle with this all the time, but the biggest thing is not taking on too much to balance. A juggler who knows how to juggle 3 balls should not tell others he can do 5. If he does he might make it for a few minutes with five, but then the balls all come crashing down. The true character of a person is in what they do when all the "balls" in their life come crashing down. Do they turn to others for help picking them all back up slowly, do they grab them all up at once and start juggling five again, do they give up all together and walk away from all the balls, do they get depressed and do nothing until something or someone reaches out to them and puts one of the balls in their hands. Which type am I? Honestly, I am working on being the one who starts to pick them up again slowly with the help of others, however, I it is in my personality to want to do it all all the time, so I often am the person who picks them all back up and starts to throw again. Which type are you? Just think about it, you don't need to post it. This is getting long so those are my thoughts for today, unedited.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Start each day as if it were on purpose....

That is what I did today, I got my to-do list done the night before for the next day. Then I woke up early, for me 7:15, had a shower and was dressed and ready to go before my kids got up, at about 8 or so. It made such a difference in my day. I am slowly becoming a morning person. I want to be one. In fact when I am wake in the morning I love it, I am not grumpy, I feel good. But the problem is I can't fall asleep at night. I get in bed early, 9:30 or so, but lay awake for a while. I have tried different things. Currently I take melatonin, it helps me fall asleep, but seems like it makes it harder for me to wake up the next morning, though I am not sure yet if it is that or just the season. Any who, I am going to try something else my sister suggested, can't remember the name right now. I really wish I could fall asleep in 5 or 10 minutes like Christopher can. While I am still figuring out the going to sleep, I know the waking up early is good and I am going to try to keep it up for 30 days, that is how long it takes to make a habit. I am also working on a morning routine.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Starting to get it......

I am home with just Elena, Daniel is at school. And now I can see why when Daniel was even younger then Elena I was ready for another kid. I am able to get stuff done, yet still play with Elena, she plays by herself and no one is hitting or stealing toys. If it were like this all the time I would be ready to have another one. So now I see why people space their kids out, when the next one comes the older one is starting school and not home all the time. This way you can get more one on one time and get more done, without getting burned out. humm..... well, for now my only conclusion is I love the time I have with Elena and I am making sure to not spend it all doing stuff, but to play with her and spend time with her. As far as the next baby, I already know I am not even considering it again until march or next year. Also the other thing I am starting to get is that everything is relative. So it is easier for me to brush off the not so good things, and stay positive. still working on it.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The last phrase was a test.

For me anyway, I just crashed Christopher's car last night, I wasn't hurt and my kids were not in the car, thankfully. But I did see that while it was the buggiest thing and I was wishing it didn't happen, going to cost me both time and money, I still had the choice to let it get to me or not. Of Course I was upset and really mad at myself for a bit, but I realize that I am blessed it was just the car that got hurt, and also that I have the money to fit it. I love my husband, he helped me realize it wasn't as big of a deal as I thought. It is sucky, but it happened the only thing left to do now is work on getting it fixed. If i sat and wished it didn't happen and felt bad for myself or angry at myself, it wouldn't help at all and would only make things worse for myself. While my plans changed for the day and I wasn't able to go out like I had planned when I laid down to sleep last night I was able to because I had let it go. I guess I look at it this way, my plans for the rest of my day were changed, but that is way better then my plans for the rest of my life changing because I was hurt badly. Anyway, my neck does hurt so I think I will try and see the chiropractor, and hopefully the insurance will pay for it. That is that for today.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Everybody is free to feel good.

Here is my phrase for today. It is from a song I love, but it true also. Weather we like to admit it or not we do get to choose how we feel. We can feel good or bad on a bad day. It is easier to feel bad, when sucky things are happening, but if you choose you can always find a reason to feel good, no matter how small it is. I know it is hard, but I need to keep that in mind in the moment.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Most people think their own trails are harder then those around them, I think mine are a walk in the park when compared. I wish I could do something for them, but I am not God and I am not magic.

On totally different note, I want to start getting ready to have another child. But the fear is I will be taking on more then I can handle, and since you all saw my last post, well you can see why I have that fear. So the question is how will I know when I am ready. I will I know when I can handle three, if I only have two? Yesterday I was talking to someone who reminded me about those compatibility tests that are out there now. You can go over them with the person you are thinking about marrying to see how you would both react in any given situation. They talk about kids, finances, and other stuff. Is there one of those to see if my husband and I are ready for three? At the same time I don't even know why I am thinking about it so much, since I already said it would be march of next year before I even thought about trying again. I don't remember it being this big of a decision the last two times.

Noe is just not the right time, for a list of reasons, and still I am thinking, why?

That is it for today.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Not a good day!

The day is half way over and so far, very disappointing. Everything I try to do fails, everything I touch breaks, I had pink paint on my carpet by 9 am. And it was everywhere else in Elena's room, most of which I have cleaned up. I left late to pick up the kids, Daniel and a neighbor girl, from school, so when I put Elena in the car and noticed she had a dirty diaper, well she had to wait until we got home. She feel asleep on the way there, I had to wake her up to go inside. When we got home I changed her diaper, poor little red bum, and while that was happening Daniel poured water into all my fake flower arrangements I had on the table getting ready to be out somewhere for Fall decorations. While cleaning those out I put Elena down for a nap, FAIL, an hour later and I an still going in there every few minutes to put her in her bed again. The sucky thing is if she goes to sleep now she will not go to bed well tonight, if she doesn't she will start crying at 5:30 or so and not stop until she goes to bed at 7ish. I NEED chocolate.

Here is the thought, forget it I don't want to offend.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Who reads this?

Looking back over my blog I don't see very many coments, so I was just wondering who reads this anyway? Comment if do.

General thoughts.

A lot has been happening in my life. I am feeling the Lord molding me in His hands. I want to be better, but sometimes don't want to do what it takes to get there. Life I think is a lot like running a race. I used to think running a race was all about the finish, hence the reason why I could never run far. Now I get it, it is about the running, the end doesn't matter much, and even when it matters a lot, it can not be accomplished without the running, the middle. Life is the same way, it isn't about getting to the end, which I am not saying I can't to die, I am saying I am always saying how great it will be when..... You finish it the way you want, I used to say when I got married, now I say when my kids are grown up, I know when that happens I will say, when I have grand kids, then what, then I am old and I waited my whole life to be old? I can't wait to see my children as adults, it is true, but I need to enjoy/live/love the now. Right now. Right where I am in life right now. The middle, the running, whatever you want to call it. I hope I can learn to do this. That way when I am old I can look back at my life and be content with it, with what I did, and who I was. I don't want to be old and look back at my life and think of all the things I wish I had done differently. That's it for now.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Innocence is bliss

Sometimes it really is, once you know you can't unknow.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Live and Learn

Live and Learn, there is not really any other way to do.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tomorrows another day.....

I am just feeling off, so blah. I have a ton to do but feel behind and not organized. Not up to what lays ahead of me. Also wondering, questioning the past. I finally care about what happened back when I was a kid and I want answers. Why? Who knows. But I am too busy, and right now is not the time for me to decied to slow down. I know I will feel better tomorrow, because well, tomorrow is another day. A new day, a fresh start.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

SOOOOO much to do, and SOOOO little time to do it.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Easier said then done.

This is too true for me right now. I have all these plans I want to do and I think it won't be too hard, but somehow I never get everything done. I guess the person who said you can't do it all was right. But slowly but surely I am doing it, just not all right now, which is when I want it all done. Oh well.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Make decisions based on reality, and not guilt.

I heard this yesterday while flipping channels and it stuck in my head. I like it and need to to it, so I am now making an effort to change this.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

remember it is better to have said too much, then never to have said what you need to say.

Here is wishing I had energy to do all of the things I wnat to do. I have all these good ideas but don't make them happen. Today I am feeling un-motivated. I also have alergies, which bug me and make my head hurt. Stupid. Anyway, I am going to go make something happen. Thanks for listening.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

This is another one from Furry Logic

I try to take one day at a time.....
But sometimes several days attack me at once.
This happens to me all too often these days, all the stuff in my life that keeps me so busy, at least I have a life to be busy. I am not sure that made sense, but you get. Plus in the long run, I love doing things, so I would rather be busy then bored. Just me.

Friday, July 24, 2009

I say.... Runnin is 40% physical and 60% metal!

I am glad I had Mandie in my head, trying to over come my own thougths. Mental though. Just wish I would have been there for her at the end of her Marathon, if she does another close to me I will go, even if I have to take my kids!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Another one of my own.

Don't get so caught up in the doing of things, that you don't enjoy doing them.

Or someting like that. I am still working on this one. I am trying to say, you know you take the family somewhere and you get so caught up in the details that you don't even enjoy the activity. This happens to me often because I am a always worried about getting there on time, and all the other details. This didn't happen to me on our trip to Yellowstone, I was thinking about the details, but not too much. I enjoyed myself and it was nice. I know there is a phrase about this, but it isn't coming to mind right now. Something like don't get so caught up in the future that you don't live the present, or something like that. Anyone know a good sounding one to add to my collection?

Friday, June 26, 2009

Furry Logic

I got this one from a book my mom gave me, it is called Furry Logic. I love this book.

The trouble with work is..... it's so daily.

Too true, with kids, very ,very true.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My own Phrase

This one maybe isn't known, but I just made it up so it is a phrase now.

If you say you are going to do it, then do.
If you're not going to do it, then don't say so.

I don't think this needs anything else. I have a lot of people who sign up to do things for me, and then last minute can't for one reason or another, if it is once in a while, well, things come up and I get that, but if it is everytime, come on.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Okay I don't know how this one goes, is it.....

Use it up, wear it out,
make it do, or do without.

Or is it.......

Fix it up, wear it out,
make it do, or do without.

I know it can be either, but I can't remeber which one I had growing up when I was little, any help anyone. I am a fan of this, easier said then done for me, so times I just want to buy a new, or better, one, but I keep telling my self this and I am getting better.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Next Phrase

You get what you get and you don't throw a fit!

i had never heard this before, or maybe I did growing up, but don't remember, but now it is used in my house ALL the time. For ex: If you give the yellow plate to Daniel and he starts to wine because he wanted the green one, well, you get what you get, or if you give him the green one and he wines because you didn't give him a fork that was the same color, well, you get what you get, and last but not least, if you give him something different from what Roxy or Lily has, or even different then what Elena has, well, you get what you get and you better not throw a fit! ;-)

I find myself saying it all the time, sounds rather mom-ish, but it works, well it is starting too, so I guess it is my next phrase to live by, it is equally true for adults!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

First one.... Common Sense Says....

Common Sense Says, the best phrase ever. For example common sense says if you aren't going to turn in the next five minutes, don't turn on your signal! Or don't complain about how long the fast food line is to your friend, then when you get to the front and the worker asks, what can I get you?, you turn to your friend and say, ummm I don't know what do you want? ummm.. yeah, need I say more?

Do you have any really good common sense stories? Lets here them....

I have a blog....

Okay I finally made a blog, there will be a few rules;
1. I will type what I feel, no holding back, if you don't like it, don't read it.
2. I suck a spelling, no making fun, and I don't need you to correct me, but thanks anyway.
3. and last I most likely wont post pictures, so don't ask, if I am going I will.

That is about it, so enjoy reading.....