Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pregnant Rant

Okay people, I can't post this on FB so it is going here :-)

In case you were wondering no one pregnant or not likes to be told you look horrible, you look like you feel horrible, you look so uncomfortable, or you look like you are going to pop!

There is never a good reaction to any of these. If you say I look like I feel horrible, either I do feel horrible and you are rubbing it in and reminding me that not only do I feel horrible but I look it too, or I don't feel horrible and you just told me I look like I do. Either way, not good.

On the other hand everyone, pregnant or not, likes to be told they look good, and other nice things. Seems like I either get everyone telling me one way for a bit then the other way for a bit. For now I have been getting the not so good way. Next time I might just say...... Thanks, so do you! :-)

Sunday, August 22, 2010


It is so crazy! Seems like the days are flying by, nights and weekends even more so. I have nine weeks left of my pregnancy and they are full of stuff. I haven't painted the babies room yet, and really need to since my legs and the rest of my body think I am 70 years old. Call it nesting or call it me knowing I wont get anything done after the baby comes but I will still have lots to do, so I am doing it all now. I have tons I want to get done, but my body just can't keep up, I am not a fan. I can't wait for the baby to come though! He is almost here.

Monday, August 9, 2010


Lately he has been surprising me a lot by everything he knows. In lots of areas I can see that I need to work with him more, but he just keeps saying things that I haven't taught him. I guess he is starting to get to that age where everything he learned isn't from me. Soon school will start and I know it will become more when it does. He also has been saying cute things lately. Like blessing the sacrament (the agua and the pan) during his night time prayer, randomly saying he thinks we should name the baby Andrew (first time he has given a suggestion that is not one of his cousins names, or his middle name) and then today at costco he told the bagger, "I know Jesus went back up to Heaven!" He got that from his talk that he so proudly gave in primary yesterday. I had him help me write the talk by showing him pictures of things he was going to talk about and him telling me what he was going to say. He started out by showing a picture of Jesus and he was going to say, "today I want to talk about Jesus." Instead he said "today I want to talk TO Jesus." Oh well, he did and was very excited to give it. Also he improvised when he bore his testimony at the end and he did really well. Also, on another note, last fast sunday he bore his testimony and he said "I know Pres. Monson is real." It was cute. Anyway, that's it for now.