Monday, January 24, 2011

Self Control

So did I scare everyone away with that last post? Or are you all just busy, or just reading and not commenting? Either way, right now I am learning a lesson of two in self control, something they say leads to success.

So for right now I am doing a, well call it a diet or detox if you want, but I am calling it an experiment. I am following this thing, starting with only veggies, anyway then you add things each day. And when I say only veggies, the first day you don't eat anything except veggies, no seasoning, no butter, salt, just veggies. And by them selves the first day, then the next day you can mix them, but still only veggies, then some seasoning, then one serving of whole grains, and so on. Wow has it been hard. I am learning how to cook with veggies, something I really need to do and also how to mix and use creative ways to cook. It is a big test in self control. It has been interesting and hard sometimes and fun. I am on day 7 and it is 14 days so guess I will let you know how it goes.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Something I was thinking

Who you are is made up of tons of small choices...... (Gotta find a better phrase that says that)

But here is what I mean.... If a person used to be fit but now they are out of shape they probably go that way by eating more exercising less, you know... but really it was just one choice at a time, small choices, like to have something greasy instead of veggies..... or to watch a show instead of take a walk. Well likewise if someone used to be generous and now they are stingy, they got there the same way, only reason it looks different is because the choices they made were probably subconscious. Like they used to give a lot to everyone then they met someone who used them for their stuff and they became a bit jaded. So slowly over time they choose, weather they know it or not, to be stingy. Just like the person in example one choose to be out of shape. (Not saying anything about anyone but myself, don't take this offensive)

So that must mean that we choose to be the way we are. If we don't like something about our character then we need to choose to change it. So I have been thinking about this because I am not as confident as I want to be but didn't know how to gain that confidence. Well here it is.. just hit me in the head. I have to make a series of choices. I have to choose to be confident. It isn't easy but it is do-able. It will take time, just as much time as it took me to lose my confidence and get to where I am now...... second guessing every choice, unable to make a decision, wondering what others are thinking about me (more like obsessing about it, to the point where I change the way I act because of it) This is NOT me, and today right now I am making a choice to get on the long path back to myself. I choose to change myself for the better and to be confident.

Monday, January 10, 2011


Do you control your emotions or do they control you?