Saturday, July 31, 2010


So over the past few days I sold my jewelry at a boutique. It was fun. Nice to see that people like what I make enough to spend money on it, people who aren't my family :-) also nice to be without my kids for a bit. I admit I loved it. Moms came in with their kids, and they were frustrated because they were touching or making a mess with the food. And I thought it was nice to not have to worry about that for bit. After three long days I did miss them. I do love being with them, but a break was nice too.

Also I am so excited! One because I love making jewelry and two because I love the idea that I might be able to have a business that makes me money. I get all giddy when I am working out the details of my little business. I would love, and am working towards, making this something I could do for a living after my kids are all in school. Something I could earn an income with. It is just in the beginning stages now, but just the thought gets me going. I am tired, but I am happy.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Another warning!

Okay people, I said it once I will say it again, I am a crazy person right now. I am prego and having feelings to go with it. I am very easily irritated, I am feeling like a needy person. I feel overwhelmed, but then on top of everything super fast. I feel very unattractive, and just blah..... but all of my emotions change so fast. I don't feel like myself and I don't like it. And that is that.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I keep saying that I don't have very many friends.......... but lately I have realized I do have friends, just not too many that I go out and do things with. I would like to change that. I like spending time with my family and doing things at home, but the few times I do spend time with other women without kids I really enjoy myself. Tonight I just hung out for bit with my back door neighbor and it was fun. Plus I need some girl time, I get it with my sisters, but usually with kids. Wish I was more out going, and felt comfortable just calling up some of the ladies in my ward and seeing if they wanted to hang out. Just a thought.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

SO much to do and SO little time

I am starting to feel it more and more these days. I have way more to do then I have time/energy to get it done. I have to choose what needs to be done most and do that, but end up always feeling behind and stressed. I know it will only get harder these next few weeks and months, and then more so after the baby comes. (who still doesn't have a name by the way, so if you have any boy names, let me hear them.) I can't really see a solution to my problem. I just don't see what I can cut out, especially since I am behind on everything as it is, cutting anything out would only make me feel like I wasn't getting it done at all and still behind on everything else. Plus I am so done being prego. I don't mean to sound complainy, but everyone needs to complain some time and this is my blog, so there you go.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


I don't usually post pictures, but this one I had to. This is Daniel and Elena in their new bunk bed. They both got new bedding also. Elena was in a toddler bed before this. She grew up so much tonight. I know she has a lot more growing to do before the baby comes, but tonight seeing her brush her teeth and go potty by herself, then climb into bed and listen while I read, she just seemed so big. I love my kids so much. They spend most of the day driving me insane, fighting with each other, whining at me, crying (mostly Elena), but still at the end of day, as I tuck them into bed, I can't help but see how lucky I am to have these two.

You can't see the rest of the room, but it isn't quite done yet anyway. I will try to post some pictures of the rest of it and of it when it gets done because it is so cute. I think I might like it more then them :-)

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Can't seem to balance my time. I can say no to people, but when it comes to events, I always want to go. Even if it isn't anything big, if someone says 'hey, you should come!' or 'oh by the way we're....' or 'we should hang out'. I always want to, even if I have no time. Which means I do and then I don't get other things done. Going to work on that. Now for some cereal :-)